High School Virtual Information Sessions and Tours

In response to the recent closure of school buildings due to COVID-19, the ESMS PTA has compiled an 'unofficial' listing of high school virtual information sessions and tours.  By no means is this a comprehensive list so always best to check directly with any high school(s) of interest for more information and/or changes.  Also, not all high schools offer virtual options while some offer both (onsite and virtual).   

Feel free to email PTA@esms.org if you believe additions/edits/deletions are in order.


Last Updated - 4/17/2020


Bard High School Early College (Manhattan) - bhsec.bard.edu/manhattan/open-houses-and-information-sessions/



The Bronx High School of Science - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwY5Hgv6SCM   (Student-made video suggested on school's website)

The Clinton School - https://vimeo.com/300892218/f20f73efcb

Frank McCourt High School - https://www.fmhsnyc.org/mission_statement

High School of American Studies at Lehman College - https://hsas-lehman.org/film_clips/prop%20movie_2017.m4v

The High School of Math, Science, and Engineering (at CCNY) - https://hsmse.org/about-us/virtual-open-house/

Millennium (Manhattan) High School  - https://www.millenniumhs.org/domain/1546  (Screenshots)

Queens High School for the Sciences at York College - https://www.qhss.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_27318564/File/March23OpenHousePresentationDDHFinal.pptx  (a PowerPoint Presentation)